time isn't after us.

welcome to my carrd. my name is lauren, but you
can call me nano if that's more comfortable.

who am i?

lauren/nano 》♣《 female 》♣《 great britain
♠《 jehovah's witness 》♠

i was born in rural britain but i've moved all over since then, and i'm currently living near wales. i am a former art student who's currently looking for commissions and general work. i have asperger's syndrome, depression and anxiety and fibromyalgia.

what do i like?


video games + tabletop rpgs
taxidermy + corpse collecting
watercolour paintings
piano (grade 3, i'll learn more one day)
pet care
haberdashery + cosplay


billy joel
talking heads
the oh hellos
the crane wives
genesis/phil collins
oingo boingo

60s-80s pop/rock!!!
70s-80s art punk (talking heads)
70s-80s brit pop (xtc)
folk/folk rock
lofi hiphop (sometimes, it's not all my cup of tea)


animal crossing (let's go to the city/city folk, new leaf, new horizons)
pokemon (most of the games, but not gen 1/2 or sw/sh)
the legend of zelda (original nes, a link between worlds, breath of the wild, minish cap)
hollow knight
stardew valley
dungeons and dragons 5th edition


oh so many
hyacinth macaws, military macaws, caiques, sun conures, citron crested cockatoos, red-tailed cockatoos, sulphur crested cockatoos, bare-eyed cockatoos, kakapos! kakarikis (rip kai </3)... basically any parrot honestly
ball pythons (blue-eyed leucistics especially), hognose pythons, corn snakes, burmese pythons!!! crested geckos, jackson's, veiled and panther chameleons, spur-thighed tortoises
staffordshire bull terriers, basset hounds, dachshunds
i just really love animals okay


schindler's list is my favourite film, inside no. 9 is my favourite show ^^
i enjoy mbmbam, taz and critical role :3
other interesting shows/films include hot fuzz, night mind (youtube), parks & rec, black mirror, taskmaster! honestly you gotta watch taskmaster it's so good


greek mythos! i love studying other religions - in particular judaism! if you are jewish or were raised in a jewish household then i'd love to hear about your beliefs, i don't know why but i find it all so interesting <3
i also love musicals! west side story is criminally underrated in modern times pleaseeee watch it! i'm pretty open-minded to newer musicals but i'm a traditionalist and west end girl at heart.
i collect cds and records, currently working towards a full billy joel collection of cds and i'm starting a talking heads collection on vinyl! i'd like to collect xtc too but they're a lot harder to find haha.